No Escape by Shannon K. Butcher

Grand Central Publishing

Sensual Suspense

ISBN: 978-0446510288

Reviewed by Nannette



Isabelle Carson is scared. Her friends are dying, and although they appear to be suicides, Isabelle isnít convinced. Isabelle has kept in touch with Grant Kent through birthday and Christmas cards since they lived together in the same foster home.  They havenít seen each other in fourteen years, until the day Grant knocks on Isabelleís door. Grant sensed something was wrong in Isabelleís card so he decided to pay her a visit and check up on her. He wasnít expecting her life to be in danger, and he wasnít expecting to stay, but he canít leave until he knows Isabelle is safe. With more deaths around her, Isabelle is willing to accept Grant in her life temporarily even if it means heíll break her heart when he leaves. Sheís determined to keep her foster son safe.  Grant wasnít expecting to feel anything for Isabelle or anyone else but heís not cut out for what Isabelle wants and deserves. If he can keep her safe heíll have to say goodbye when itís over, but will he be able to leave her?

The intensity never lets up in No Escape. Whether itís the bad guys or the tension between Grant and Isabelle, emotions run high and the stakes are even higher. Isabelle needs to protect those around her and that includes seemingly invincible Grant. While Grant has spent most of his life womanizing and distancing himself from his feelings, once he sets his eyes on Isabelle again, his life takes a dramatic turn. Grant and Isabelle have more than sexual chemistry. They fit each other perfectly in every way. It takes Grant some time to realize that he is more than worthy of Isabelle. During that time, Isabelle steels herself for the moment when Grant will leave.  Along with the sensual and angst-filled romance between Isabelle and Grant, is the story of an insane killer and the innocents around him. No Escape is an exciting and erotic story with a perfect ending.


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