No Dungeon So Dark by Sam Kepfield

Eternal Press

Sci-Fi Romance

ISBN: 978-1-897559-76-5

Reviewed by Chris



Staff Sergeant Jon Larson is spending a two-week port of call at U.S. Naval Station Ophion. Young, but a seasoned war veteran with a purple heart, a minor degree in history, and an interest in books, Jon is looking for an above average woman to help while away his free time. Unfortunately, cosmetic surgery is all the rage, and nearly every woman has been enhanced. Think big breasts, pouty lips, bleach blonde hair, and carbon copy images of superstar actresses and pop singers.

Jon falls for Giselle, a scarred young woman with a French accent, chestnut colored hair, and hazel eyes. Both share a love for books and Jon uses this to weasel his way into Giselleís life. Be warned: a sweet, excellently described kissing scene jumps right to post-coitus. More sex scenes, please.

Uncertain and damaged more internally than externally, Giselle bolts while Jon's stationed on guard duty, even though she promised he could see her again. He decides to chase after her when he has his next leave of duty. The end.


Male authors who possess a mastery of language and emotion and write stories like this, only to leave their readers dangling after twenty measly pages should be taken out, blindfolded, and shot by a firing squad. Mr. Kepfield, your dialogue, both internal and external, had me hooked from page one. Never mind that I donít have military experience or balls to scratch. Hurrah for an intelligent hero who isnít a Navy Seal, Green Beret, CIA, FBI, or walking around with a massive chip on his shoulder! This is a man you could actually meet without wanting to commit, or becoming a victim of a heinous crime.

Told from the heroís first person viewpoint, No Dungeon So Dark, is a diamond in the rough. Well written, the tasteful cover art only enhances this little package. Iím not beneath begging. Mr. Kepfield, please turn this into a novel-sized story (and keep the cover art!).


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