Midnight Magic by Gwynne Forster
Genesis Press
African American Contemporary
ISBN: 9781585710195
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



It was amazing how one can go from total happiness to a deep sense of heartache in an instant.  Patsy Washington was on the verge of telling her fiancé that they were pregnant when she caught him in the bed with her so-called best friend.  Devastated Patsy broke off their engagement. When Patsy’s father learned of her situation, instead of offering a comforting arm of support he told her that she either aborted the unborn child or to quickly find a husband before it became publicly known that she was with child.

To help matters along with his daughter’s condition, Patsy’s father blackmails Austin Treadwell, Patsy’s childhood boyfriend, into marrying Patsy while she carries another man’s child.  Austin reluctantly agreed for the simple fact that he didn’t want to jeopardize his future with a prison record especially since he was on the verge of becoming a CPA.  But, just because he married Patsy didn’t mean that he had to consummate the marriage – right?  Wrong!  All the old feelings that Austin once had for Patsy resurfaced with a vengeance and it became very difficult for him not to act upon them.  Will Austin be able to maintain his vow?  And, more importantly, how will Patsy respond once she discovers the true reasoning behind their marriage?

It is with mixed emotions I have to say that Midnight Magic left much to be desired. Although the characters had a strong foundation, it was very difficult to wrap my mind around the happenings of the story in general.  The plot was believable but cumbersome.  The storyline sounded too cliché in some parts and at times I was just wishing the story to be quickly over with.  Without a doubt, Gwynne Forster is an excellent writer as I have enjoyed numerous books from her in the past. That was the main reason that I kept reading this story until the very end.


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