Melting a Frozen Heart by Dahlia Rose

Amira Press

Fantasy, I/R

ISBN:  978-1-935348-13-9

Reviewed by Patrice F.



For the past two years, Lucy Pierre has loved her handsome boss, Jack Forsythe.  Jackís a ruthless Wall Street mogul whoís left a trail of broken hearts in his wake.  Only a fool would fall for him.  Lucy canít resist her emotions or his phone call for her to come over.  Her poor Jacky-poo is sick.  Packing up the holiday cheer she heads over to his penthouse to nurse him back to health by adding some Yuletide spirit with the chicken soup.

Jack Forsythe a.k.a. Jack Frost has caught a cold.  The mortal flu affliction is messing with his powers and the disastrous result is a terrible blizzard.  He canít return home either! So when he calls Lucy, his loyal devoted assistant to nurse him back to health, Jack is faced with a dilemma.  His attraction to Lucy is threatening to tear down the barriers heís built around his heart.  Leave it to Lucy Pierre to melt a winter godís heart.

What can I say?  Iím a die hard fan of Jack Frost stories. With LK Hamiltonís Frost character in her Merry Gentry series at the forefront, there seems to be a lot of authors out there willing to feed my addiction to these stories.  In Melting a Frozen Heart, Dahlia Rose has created a playful and poignant scenario featuring two unlikely lovers set in New York.  She adds a few familiar faces from Scandinavian mythology to the mix with a different spin. 

Jack and Lucy are on fire in the bedroom while the blizzard rages outside.  Their lifeís transition dances from scene to scene like a snowflake.  Lucy is spunky and adorable, while Jack is ruthless sexy to the max.  The conversations are witty, humorous and steamy.  I certainly appreciated Ms. Roseís imagery and contemporary writing style.  What I have now is another good story to while away the winter, and thatís enough to melt away the mid-January blues.


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