Matthew's Redemption by Michelle Hasker

Leandros, Book 2

Changeling Press

Paranormal, Sci-fi

ISBN: 978-1-59596-969-9

Reviewed by Jambrea



Matt does not want or need a mate, but that doesnít keep his friends from match making.  He would never put a woman through the pain his past has caused.  Then he meets Stacey and all bets could be off if he canít fight the attraction between the two of them.  Stacey isnít helping him; she only tempts him into something he canít have.

Will Matt stay strong and resist Stacey or will temptation be too hard to deny?

Matthewís Redemption led me on a merry chase.  Michelle Hasker does it again in this sequel to Sairahís Salvation.  This time she tugged at my heart strings with Mattís struggles.  I felt for the man and Stacey is just want he needs.  I love Stacey.  She is shy, but willing to fight for what she wants.  Iím sure book three will be just as wonderful and I canít wait to see what Ms. Hasker has up her sleeves next.


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