Make Me a Match Volume Two by Chrissy Munder, Maria Albert, M. Jules Aedin, Sean Kennedy, S. Blaise, John Simpson and Zahra Owens

Dreamspinner Press

M/M Contemporary Historical, Futuristic Anthology

ISBN: 978-1-935192-21-3

Reviewed by Ley



‘Stormy Weather’ By Chrissy Munder

Tired of men using him just because he was on television, meteorologist Grant Singer decided to try his luck with a dating service.  The men he met through the dating service turned out to be worse than the men he was meeting on his own. The only good that came from using the dating service was Craig; the hot waiter that worked at the restaurant Grant picked to meet his dates.

‘Stormy Weather’ was nice.  I like when things work out for the good guys and Grant and Craig were two of the best.


‘Score Two For the Good Guys’ By Maria Albert

Social worker, Jeremy Masterson does not think of himself as a hero, he’s just the type of guy who could not sit around and not help those in need. Even though his life will forever be changed after saving two strangers from a gay bashing he knows he would do it again if needed.  Detective Rick McFarlan was not a fan of vigilantes.  He felt they made situations worse by trying to show off how tough they are just for the glory, but when he met the sweet social worker his knew his assumptions of him were way off.

‘Score Two For the Good’ was fantastic; this story alone makes purchasing this anthology well worth it.  Jeremy was a man after my own heart; he and Rick were definitely soul mates.


‘Fragments of a Fiery Sun’ by M. Jules Aedin

Forced to leave Ireland during the 1800s for America Kelan was unprepared for the unexpected turn his life was about to take. When he meets Toby, the leader of a misfit band of thieves, he knew his journey in the new world would be an interesting one.

‘Fragments of a Fiery Sun’ is absolutely fantastic! ‘Fragments of a Fiery Sun’ should be a book all on it’s own and not hidden within an anthology.  Finn had to leave his home and family in Ireland but the moment he stepped foot in the new world he found a new family.  I adored this story; ‘Fragments of a Fiery Sun’ is defiantly one I will read over and over again.


‘Some Delay Expected’ By Sean Kennedy

Blind dates are one thing Kyle detests yet his friend Missy insists on fixing him up.  Not to keen on Missy’s choices Kyle dismissed Sam as anyone of interest without taking to the time to know him. Fate steps in and Kyle and Sam find themselves on the same Amtrak train taking them home for winter break. Sitting on the dark and cold train Kyle realizes he may have been too hasty in his dismissal of Sam.

‘Some Delay Expected’ is sweet.  Sam was adorable and Kyle learned to not underestimate his meddling best friend.


‘Hot Property’ By S. Blaise

What’s worse than having your mother play matchmaker?  Robbie finds being gay and having his mother match him with a female childhood playmate he doesn’t remember is much worse.  Luckily a new client to his real estate agency offered a delectable distraction from his mother’s matchmaking plans.

This was a good story with a very great outcome. I enjoyed ‘Hot Property’ very much.


‘Waves of Love’ By John Simpson

Ken wanted his friends to be as happy as he was with Jack, especially his best friend Jerry.  Jerry needed someone to treat him right and Ken believed Dale was that person.  Putting his matchmaking skills in motion Ken plans a cruise that will open the door for many possibilities.

‘Waves of Love’ was an interesting story with some surprises I never saw coming.  Jerry and Dale have a cruise of a lifetime thanks to Ken and Jack.


‘Thirty’ By Zahra Owens

Mallick has fulfilled all that was required of him, now as he turns thirty he will finally meet his life mate.  When he finally meets his match, Varr, he fears because of their vast differences their match may not be what he wants. Will time away together show Mallick that Varr is his soul mate?

“Thirty’ was very entertaining. Varr was nothing like Mallick was used to; he introduced Mallick to things he never knew existed. Varr shows Mallick that their differences are something to cherish in their relationship.

Make Me a Match Volume Two has some really great stories and I enjoyed a good number of them.  There were some I found interesting but wasn’t overly taken with but all the stories were full of love.  Readers may not like all the stories but ‘Score Two For the Good’ and ‘Fragments of a Fiery Sun’ were two stories that made Make Me a Match Volume Two well worth reading.


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