Make Me a Match by Jaelyn Storm, Catt Ford, Chrissy Munder, Clare London, Jaymz Connelly and Nicki Bennett

Dreamspinner Press

M/M Contemporary Historical Paranormal Anthology

ISBN: 978-1-935192-19-0   

Reviewed by Ley



‘The Perfect Match’ by Jaelyn Storm

Adam Taylor always knew he was different, but he could never reveal that his attraction to women was only a pretense.  His interest in men was something that was not acceptable of a college football player during the roaring 20’s. Meeting Evania changed his life when she introduced him to Viktor Revenika, Evania’s master and the man who stole Adam’s heart with just one look.

‘The Perfect Match’ was a good story. Adam was sweet and Viktor was strong and demanding.  They were indeed ‘The Perfect Match’ and their story was a great start to this anthology


‘Crash and Burn’ by Catt Ford

Rafael didn't like being fixed up but unfortunately for him he has a best friend who never listens to his protests. When his friend Zelda fixes him up with her boyfriend’s best friend, Rafael goes out of his way to make sure his date knows he was not wanted.  To Rafael’s surprise Peter was not the type to be scared off easily, and he knew how to throw attitude along with the best of them.

‘Crash and Burn’ was a fun story.  Rafael and Peter were like two pit bulls going after each other, luckily for them fate kept them crossing each other’s path until they realize that they could actually like each other.  I did think Rafael’s prickly attitude was a bit too harsh but as the story continued, why he acted that way was revealed.  ‘Crash and Burn’ was enjoyable and a great addition to this anthology.


‘Third Time's the Charm’ by Chrissy Munder

It was concern for his friend and employee that had John Turner escorting him to the urgent care clinic next door to their construction site, but it was the gorgeous on call doctor, Nick Davros that had him wishing for reasons to return.  Due to a freak accident on the site, John was given the opportunity to see Nick again, but to John's disappointment his attempt to get a date with Nick didn’t go as he would have liked.  When John finds himself in a dangerous position he’s surprised to see Nick coming to his aid, the third time just might be the charm if they make it out alive.

“Third Time’s the Charm’ was good.  It wasn’t my favorite of the anthology but I did fond it enjoyable. John and Nick were two hardworking but lonely people who needed to enjoy life outside of work.


‘Dear Alex’ by Clare London

Co-founders of an advice column for men, Robbie and Alex were once a great team professionally and personally.  As time passed Robbie began to see the man he once loved and admire turn into to someone he didn’t want to know at all. With their romance already over, Robbie felt the only way to save their column and possibly save Alex was to leave, but will taking such a drastic step make Alex see all that he was losing.

‘Dear Alex’ was another great story.  Robbie was a fantastic character and his integrity is what I liked most about this story. I found the ‘Dear Alex’ letters very interesting as well.


‘How to Woo a Straight Man’ by Jaymz Connelly

A bad night got even worse for Chris when he left a disappointing blind date to find himself the victim of a gay bashing.  His saving grace was when the unlikeliest hero evened out the three on one odds. Vic, a gorgeous stranger came to his defense against the thugs.  Chris soon found he really liked his rescuer even though he was member of a homophobic gym and straight.

‘How to Woo a Straight Man’ was really cute.  The banter between Vic and Chris was priceless; I really liked the tone of their friendship.  I did think that the transition to a romantic relationship could have been smoother; it seemed to come from out of nowhere.  I think if there was more hinting toward it from Vic I would have found a romance between them to be a bit more believable.  Aside from that I really liked how Chris and Vic interacted with each other.


‘Three on a Match’ by Nicki Bennett

Burk Rikert has been harboring a strong attraction to his boss and founder of the Matchless Men dating service from the moment he started working for Adrian Smithson, but Burk felt he was not in Adrian’s league and there was no way Adrian could ever be interested in him.  When Burk’s best friend and co-worker Quinn decided to take matters into his own hands, Burke learned that he and Adrian had lot more in common than he thought, but was it enough for Adrian to want to be with him?

‘Three on a Match’ was fantastic.  This was the best story of the anthology for me. I would love to read an expanded version of this story and see how Adrian and Burk’s relationship plays out. ‘Three on a Match’ was a great wrap up for this anthology

Make Me a Match was a great book full of fantastic stories. I found enjoyment with each story I read in this anthology.  Readers of Make Me a Match would not be disappointed, I’m certain they would find several if not all of the stories to their liking.


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