“Magic Kisses” by Carrie S. Masek

Brett needed a new apartment, job and girlfriend, but that’s not exactly what he got. The apartment is hell, he’s overworked and underpaid and not a woman to be seen in his life. Eliza, his next door neighbor, stepped in to play the part of his “Wing Chic.” In an attempt to find love for him she helps him to meet other women. She’s successful but not in the way they are prepared to face.

Eliza’s friends are a strange bunch of folks. My mother always said surround yourself with a lot of people with different personalities. Carrie Masek succeeded in giving me just that in this story. Not to mention I love Hershey Kisses a whole lot more these days.


 “Telephone Tag Winner” (Aquamarine Series, Book 1) by Dee Lloyd

Rina feels love has deserted her, not really important when you don’t know how to love. Even though she decides to go out on a limb and meet a blind date. She’s on her way to her friend’s cottage when she’s caught up in a multi-car pileup.  Covered in bruises, dislocated body parts and a head wound, she decides the best thing to do is cancel her so-called date. While she’s waiting for her ride to the hospital she calls and leaves a message to cancel the date. Unfortunately she leaves it at the wrong number. Ryan works at the local hospital in the E.R. He is tired and ready to go home but decides to check his messages. He hears a sexy voice on the recording that sends him over the edge. He figures it wouldn’t do any harm if she’s there and he’s there to check her in and let her know she’s made a mistake.  

Out of tragedy romance blossoms. I love the twist of fate love stories and Telephone Tag Winner, didn’t disappoint. The characters Ryan and Rina are interesting and their story, a definite attention keeper.


 “Winning Sylvia’s Heart” by Nancy Pirri

Sylvia is alone on Valentine’s Day. She and Tom, her ex-fiancé, had decided to call it quits the day before. Jack McNamara, her next-door neighbor, has been trying to get over his own failed relationship when he befriends Sylvia. She shows up at his apartment ready to use the party to get over Tom, to her disappoint the party is over.  Jack invites her in for a home cooked meal and lends an ear as she tells him about the failed relationship. He knows she deserves better than going through the motions, she deserves romance and that’s what he sets out to give her.

Jack is a man who loves romance, what woman wouldn’t fall for him? He’s the answer to any woman’s dreams. Sylvia’s heart wasn’t the only heart won.


 “The Third Kiss” by Jane Toombs

When she was a child, Gail’s grandmother told stories about the magic of the third kiss if given to you by the man who had given you the first. Now in her thirties, she still remembers the boy, Augue who gave her the first kiss on a dare when she was just twelve and is still just as angry about it. The second time he kissed her, they were saying goodbye after graduation. She hasn’t managed to find that special someone, but she’s thought about him over the years. Gail has given up on the magic of romance, much less the magic of the third kiss.

Who hasn’t had thoughts of the “one” linger in their head every now and then? The third Kiss, is a beautifully written romantic piece, You’ll want to be a believer in the power of the third kiss. 


 “Atop A Wedding Cake” by Karen Woods 

In sixteen years Cathy Baker has taken no time for herself. When she is suddenly left a young widow with six children, to support her family she turned to baking, the only thing in life she’s good at.  Now the children are grown and her youngest is about to be married on Valentine’s Day. She meets Emily’s soon to be father-in-law who is ecstatic about the joining of their children in holy matrimony. Trey awakens feelings in Cathy she hasn’t felt since her husband’s death. Feelings she can’t seem to shake.

Who says when we grow older we have to give up on love? Cathy and Trey find each other at the perfect time in their lives. Mature couples in love, very refreshing to read.


“In Cahoots With Cupid” (Kaleidoscope Series, Book 2) by Karen Wiesner

Angela Lewis always makes it her business to see that everyone around her is happy. Returning home for a wedding, memories of a decision she had made to get what she wanted haunts her. Kiowas Mackenzie has always had a thing for Angela even though she was five years older than he. His pursuit for her is still stronger than ever. Despite her protest he is adamant on convincing her he is the only one for her.

Love stronger enough to surpass time apart. It’s beautiful when it happens and Ms. Wiesner set it up perfectly. Ki’s strong love for Angela is powerful and their story an enjoyment to read.


Releasing in February 2009, just in time for Valentine’s Day, the authors of Magical Kisses: A Jewels of the Quill Valentine's Day Anthology offer writing styles in varying ranges to bring you stories in this anthology that contain something for every reader. The stories are entertaining and the characters well written, all tied together by the magic of a kiss. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an anthology with a different flavor for every taste.


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