Lord of the Hunt by Katina Abram



Reviewed by Tanya



The Hunt is a non-human species that finds its mates with human woman.  They only have male offspring and they mate for life, so to keep the gene pool thriving, human woman are needed.  When The Hunt males claim their females the first time, it is a curse induced painful experience for the woman.  Once one of The Hunt recognizes his mate he must consummate their union within certain timelines or face madness.

Leon is the current Lord of The Hunt and has found his mate in Dana.  The problem is that he has just forcefully taken over her company and she might be attracted to him but is not exactly on speaking terms with him at the moment.  But time is running out for Leon, so he will pursue her at all costs.

Lord of The Hunt intrigued me by the blurb and I was ready for a wonderful love story that starred a sexy alpha male.  However, my happiness soon turned to confusion as I realized that the blurb on the back cover more than amply told me what the plot involved instead of the actual words in the book.  This is a fast paced forced sexual mating story that while Leon is worried about Dana, he doesnít ever let her set the pace or say no.  He forces situations which I found to be more than ruthless.  I also felt that the author was rushing the story so that you could get to the tale of her sister Laura.  Donít get me wrong, Ms. Abram can write a steamy sexual scene but even after finishing, I donít see where there is a lot of love in this relationship.  I would skip Lord of the Hunt unless you plan to read all three brothers stories at one time, and realize it is all action and not much love.


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