London for the Holidays by Stella and Audra Price


Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Ménage

ISBN: 978-1-60659-015-7

Reviewed by Jo



Thisbe Winters is headed to London in order to begin her new life.  She has been the concubine for the king of the ice demons until very recently.   Their parting was a happy one and Thisbe is young, sexy and single and now looking for an adventure to begin her new life.  Thisbe has been an erotic dancer and plans on showing London just what she is made of.  She is also on the look out for her bodyguard, one that is supposed to guide her around but he is nowhere to be found.

Malcolm Frost is a vampire but a very usual one.  He has no vampire master but follows the orders of an ice demon prince.  He is not crazy about being given a babysitting job, until he sees Thisbe’s act and her sexy body.  This was supposed to be a “no touch” job, but Malcolm has never been one to follow the rules.

One night, Thisbe is attacked on the way home but Malcolm saves the day.  However, his method places both of them in danger from a wolf pack.  Thisbe and Malcolm burn up the days and nights while Malcolm figures out a way to form a truce with the pack, keep his independence from the vampires, and most importantly, keep the woman he would risk everything for, safe. 

What does a vampire who doesn’t follow rules and a newly single concubine do together?   In London for the Holidays,Thisbe is looking for a clean slate to begin her year and she is looking for fun.  Malcolm is always looking for a good time and this bad boy knows how to find it.  Thisbe and Malcolm explode with passion upon their first meeting and it’s just the beginning of things to come for them.  I had to laugh a few times as I watched Thisbe and Malcolm figure out how to keep together and keep their passion under control.  No it didn’t always work, but they did try.  London for the Holidays is a good time story with hot passion tempered with humor and death, but that is a demon and vampire’s world.


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