Live for Today by Carol Lynne

Campus Cravings, Book 12

Total E-bound

Gay Contemporary (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-906811-34-1

Reviewed by Sabella



Luc and Justin have enjoyed many years together, but the last few months have been so trying to the point of almost tearing the lovers apart.  Justin is so involved in getting his team to a championship game that he is not only neglecting Luc, but also his health – to the point that he is solely killing himself and everyone can see it, but himself.  Meanwhile, Luc is feeling lonely and neglected by Justin – never mind that his lover seems more inclined to fight with him rather than discuss his concerns over Justin’s deteriorating health…

But when Justin collapses, Luc’s world is torn apart and he realizes what is really important, but will Justin be able to overcome this new hurdle?  Or will the raging emotions and abrupt changes in their lives tear them apart?

As the last installment of the Campus Cravings series – Live for Today follows true to form as the rest of the series with loads of angst, tears, overwhelming obstacles and hot man-love.  In this story we come full circle and close out for the very men that got it all started – Luc and Justin, only this time the struggle they face is dealing with one another and not outsiders.  Luc and Justin manage to escalate the emotional quotient exponentially in Live for Today to soap opera levels, yet Carol Lynne does bring back all the old-time favorite characters for one last “hoorah” that is worth reading about.  As is traditional with Carol Lynne’s characters, Luc and Justin cry at the drop of a hat and the over-emotional scenes leading to emotional breakdowns are a common occurrence.  Live for Today is a nice romance that neatly brings together all the characters from the series and ties up all loose ends – do pick this up if you are a fan of a series.


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