Lightning in a Bottle by Mike Shade

Torquere Press

Fantasy Kink (M/M/M/M)

ISBN: 1-933389-73-7

Reviewed by Sabella



Pan is a wizard that has no modesty in admitting that he is the best in all the land or in showing to one and all the love he bears for his Knight Daniel Ė something that embarrasses Daniel to no end.  However, when Daniel is injured while hiding in the stables in a snit over something Pan has done, Pan grows desperate for something or someone to heal his knight.  So Pan does what he does best Ė he casts a spell calling to him a healer that can save Daniels life.  But what will he do when he ends up with two men that are stranger than anything that Pan has ever seen?  And how will he ever send them back to wherever they came from if Pan doesnít really understand what he did in the first place?

Sam and Echo are suddenly, and inexplicably, pulled into a strange world that seems backward and as different from their own as can be found.  But Samís talents are needed to cure the ailing knight and Pan seems to have an irresistible attraction to Echo.

Will Sam be able to save Danielís life?  And if he does can these four men manage to live together peacefully until Pan figures out how to send Sam and Echo home?

Lightning in a Bottle is a curious fantasy tale thatís a little light on the plot and character development, but is chock-full of erotic moments involving all the possible combinations between Pan, Sam, Daniel and Echo.  I was a little disappointed that after such a long tale so little was learned about the individual characters, while a lot was learned about their sexual leanings.  However, if you are in the mood for a story that will turn you on from the first page and never let you cool off until the last word is read Ė Lightning in a Bottle is a great read, just donít pick it up looking for a complex plot or characters.


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