Khalid's Challenge by Jade Buchanan

The Pridelands, Book 5

Changeling Press

Sci-Fi, M/M

ISBN: 978-1-59596-846-3

Reviewed by Raine



At one time Khalid and Pran were inseparable and had pledged to love and remain together forever. Choices made as they came of age separated them, creating a rift that may never be bridged. That is until Rabi’a, Khalid’s sister, steps in and forces the men to at least work out a truce.

Khalid’s Challenge is a wonderful story like all the previous in The Pridelands series. We get a little deeper into why Khalid remains detached emotionally from others. The characters in The Pridelands series are very detailed, very easy to come to love and the plot holds your attention. Jade Buchanan writing style is very enjoyable. It is easy to follow along and the words create vivid scenes in your mind as you read. Khalid’s Challenge could almost be read as a stand alone as there is a prologue and a few flashbacks. I would however, recommend starting from book one Darren’s Surprise to enjoy this series to the fullest.


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