Hole In One by Carolina Valdez

Amber Quill Ė Allure

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60272-443-3

Reviewed by Lisa



Six years ago a young Greg Thorenson, member of Team USA played against Team Madrid and won by one shot.  Yet, Greg considered his three day sexual encounter with Rio ĎRiverí Vargas of Team Madrid to be the highlight of the golf tournament.  Greg thought his feelings were returned but never heard from River after the tournament ended.

Now the two are paired against one another in a PGA tournament, no longer boys but grown men. All these years Greg has continued to love River in his heart.  He wonders if Rio remembers him or was he consigned to the past and forgotten. This is the time to focus on golf, not an ex-lover but Greg canít help wondering whatís on Riverís mind right now?

Smart writing and sensual encounters make their mark in Hole In One by author Carolina Valdez.  Tension, misunderstandings and another lover add to the twists and turns of Hole In One.  This story quietly gathers steam and then gives a powerful and satisfying ending sure to please readers.  Hole In One is an intelligent, sensual M/M romance.


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