Holding Her Own by Marie-Nicole Ryan


Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978-1-60504-285-5

Reviewed by Niki Lee



FBI Agent Caitlin Chaney has a lot to prove Ė to her father, her fellow agents, but most of all, to herself.  She is put in charge of a case for the first time, and that means going undercover as a newlywed with loose cannon agent, Jake LeFerve.  They head to New Orleans to expose a money-laundering scheme.

As they pretend to be recently married, complications come up.  From discovering one of the people involved is someone from Jakeís past, multiple deaths and a possible paternity case, the plot just gets thicker and thicker.

Holding Her Own was a very complicated story with threads snarling into knots and dead ends.  The dialogue was often very stilted and unnatural.  And I had a very hard time believing that the two main characters would fall in love with each other, especially in only a few days.  I wanted to like the story and it did have itís good points, but mostly it just felt very uneven.  Ms. Ryan has definite potential; I just donít think this was the best example of it.


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