His Sire’s Heart by Shayne Carmichael

Torquere Press

Historical M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-377-2

Reviewed by Lisa



It has been over three hundred years since his sire Eldric retired from the world to sleep.  To this day Aristid St. Germain, the Duke of Wesley sorely misses his sire and lover while at the same time feels deep seated rage at being left, somehow abandoned by the vampire who made him so long ago.

Aristid finds himself spending his time either extremely bored or debauching young lordlings when they are brought to him.  His latest conquests are twins up from the country to learn about city life.  The elder twin, Ethan Stanley unfortunately has a taste for London’s gaming hells while the younger twin, Nathan enjoys Almacks and a certain Earl’s daughter.

The human twins are a fun diversion but a young vampire named Delano Sabina has Aristid more intrigued.  For the first time since Eldric left him Aristid feels something for another. Unfortunately for Delano, Aristid is having difficulty controlling his inner beast even more around the young vampire.  If only Eldric would return, that’s all Aristid ever really wants or needs.

His Sire’s Heart is a uniquely different vampire tale.  Deep emotional turmoil combined with raw, raunchy sex keeps readers guessing as to what will happen next.  The Regency period, Almacks and the ‘ton’ are not the usual vampire setting which makes this story quite refreshing as well as the very carnal interludes between the characters.  While the story on the whole wraps up nicely, there are a couple of characters left hanging at the end but, Aristid is the main focus and makes His Sire’s Heart a quite sexy and enjoyable tale.


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