Her Warrior Lord by Celia Jade



ISBN 1-55410-820-9

Reviewed by Tanya



Kyla has been a swordswoman since after the death of her parents.  She always finishes in the top of the group at the local competitions.  This year she is confident she will end up the winner.  But unfortunately her chief rival resorts to trickery, and not only has her disqualified, but banished from the kingdom as well.

While traveling to another kingdom, she ends up in the mystical forest of Valhall where she is rescued and taken to Lord Eganís kingdom.  While she fights the customs of Eganís kingdom at first, she eventually comes to love her time and experience there.

In the end when given a change to avenge her banishment and name, will she do all that it takes and stay in her childhood home or will the draw of Lord Eganís kingdom be what wins in her heart?

I found Her Warrior Lord an interesting story.  I was intrigued at the very beginning though I did find it dragged when Kyla first got to Lord Eganís kingdom, but if you stick with it, the pace will pick up and the outcome is fantastic.  Overall I found Her Warrior Lord to be well worth my time and I look forward to seeing other characters by Ms. Jade in the future.


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