Heart Song by Sara Bell

Torquere Press

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-231-7

Reviewed by Vicki



Liamís life is changed when an ex-boyfriend outs him in a national tabloid.  When the band that he founded starts falling apart around him he figures his career is over, but what hurts more is that the man he has been in love with for years is no where to be found.  Can he handle the loss of the friendship or will Brody turn up again ready for something more.

Heart Song is a sweet and spicy tale of real love and family.  I liked how Liamís family and friends stood by him and really took the time to make sure he got through it all.  Brody is sexy and sweet and definitely someone I would want on my side.  I thought it was funny that so many people in his life had just accepted that Liam was gay before he even came out.  It just shows that you cannot hide anything important from the people that really matter.


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