Harlow’s Heaven by RaeLynn Blue

Red Rose Publishing

Contemporary, Interracial

ISBN: 978-1-60435-274-0

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Harlow has headed back to school in her thirties and is looking to get her life back together for herself and her daughter.  When she falls in lust with the hot young, white barista at the campus coffee shop, she is sure he would never fall for her curvaceous black self.  When he asks her out for a date, she has to get past her low self-esteem in order to reach the prize – love.

Harlow’s feelings about herself and her life are instantly recognizable.  From her confidence about her body to her lust for Luke, the barista, most women would see themselves in Harlow.  Luke is a little harder to understand.  His lust for her is so all-consuming and his responses to her anger and lack of confidence are a little strong and mature for someone his age.  Which is probably the point.  But it’s fun to see a romance that shows that age and race should not be deterrents to a great relationship and Harlow’s Heaven does do this.


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