Full Exposure by Tracy Wolff

Penguin Group

Contemporary, Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 9780451225962

Reviewed by Vivian



After suffering from a traumatic event in her life, photographer Serena Macafee has no intentions of getting involved with her latest subject.  After being a witness to her sister’s brutal murder and rape, she has closed herself off emotionally. 

Her newest photography assignment, sculptor Kevin Riley, might fit her requirement of a no-strings attached affair.  He isn’t too sure where he fits in her plans, since she sends out a lot of mixed signals.  But he is ready to take her on.  He wants all of her, not just the pieces she is willing to dish out.

When a demented stalker from her past starts harassing Serena, can Kevin help her overcome her fears from the past?  Will Kevin wait around for Serena to finally make a decision?

Full Exposure is sexy, edgy, and erotic.  An erotic thriller that although it has some weak spots, will keep you engrossed until the very last page.

Full Exposure is set in a sultry southern bayou. Kevin and Serena certainly heat up the pages.  Serena’s past trauma is what dictates her actions.  After having to face her sister’s murderer at his parole hearing, Serena runs to Kevin for comfort.  When Kevin and Serena are suddenly caught in a blackout, Serena’s cool façade breaks down and Kevin is there to pick up the pieces.  Serena realizes that maybe Kevin might be worth letting her guard down.  When the stalker realizes that she is now involved with Kevin, he escalates his attempts to possess Serena.  Full Exposure is a little light on the suspense plot and may be a little predictable, but it is still a wonderful erotic love story.


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