Front Page Fate by Brigit Zahara

Torrid Tarot-Four of Cups

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419911668

Reviewed by Amelia



Dumped by her boyfriend, Liz Hawke still has her job as an investigative reporter, until she starts to drop the ball there and is demoted to writing obituaries. To get her status back she’s going to have to find a huge story, and soon.

A tip leads her to an S&M club where she’s told she’ll find a real-life vampire, Skylar Tremont. Liz follows the lead and finds out the tip was true, and vampires are very real, and very sexy.

Front Page Fate is a highly charged sexual romp. Liz and Skylar fit well together in the bedroom. I felt a little cheated, however, that some portions of the story, mainly the interview telling about Skyar’s life, were not there. That left little room for character development on Skylar’s part, which disappointed me.

Front Page Fate is a hot story that would have been much better if it had been flushed out.


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