Forged by Sean Michael

Hammer series, book 2

Torquere Press

M/M BDSM Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60370-586-8

Reviewed by Ley



After coming off of a bad relationship with a sub that didnít take the lifestyle seriously Simon was feeling like he would never find the person to meet his needs, until he met the new bouncer at the Hammer, an exclusive members-only club.  Jeremy, the big beautiful cowboy with the rock hard body was not the type one would see as submissive, and Simon could not believe his luck when he turned out to not only be submissive but was also interested in him.

Jeremy has always been comfortable with who he is and what he wanted out of life.  When he met Simon he knew he wanted more than just one night.  Jeremy needed a Dom that wasnít afraid to push his limits, and with Simon he found just what he was looking for in a Dom and in a relationship.

Just when Simon and Jeremy see a happily ever after in their future they are smacked with misfortune that will take everything within them to overcome and survive.

Forged, the follow up book in Sean Michaelís Hammer series carry the same caliber of interesting characters as the prequel Bent, but I didnít find the overall story as engrossing as Bent. The relationship in Bent moved me from the start, but I found it took a while for me to warm up to Jeremy and Simon as a couple.  They were not the typical D/s couple; at times I wasnít sure who the dominant one in the relationship was.  When the strength of their relationship and feelings for each other were tested later in the story I was more drawn to them as a couple, but then I felt the story rushed to get to a conclusion.  I was also thrown by the introduction of Ben and the timing in which he appeared; I felt he was an antagonist that was not needed.  Forged was a decent story but I didnít find it to be as good and as loving a story as Bent.


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