Christmas Cookies: Fire and Ice by Lacey Savage

Christmas Cookies Series

Changeling Press


ISBN: 978-1-59596-775-6

Reviewed by: Patrice F



Elle Sutcliffe is disillusioned about romance and itís worse for her around the holidays with all the lovey dovey couples gathering under the mistletoe.  She canít stand mistletoe.  So when her best friend asks her to watch her ice cream store, sheís more than happy to avoid the festivities.  Thereís also a surprise in the walk-in freezer, a work-in-progress by a renowned local artist.  When Elle sees the gorgeous naked male sculpture, she has to work to resist touching it.  Every nude inch of him is perfectly detailed from top to bottom, and no matter how tempting, her unusual body temperature threatens a literal meltdown. 

Elle decides a quick touch and none will be the wiser. Or will they?

Lacey Savage takes her time and does everything right and tight in this steamy holiday tale that will knock the chill off the frostiest libido. I donít want to give away the Pygmalion-esque surprise.  However, I will say it was downright magical with all the perfect elements of fancy.  It was the kind of story that would be a kick to see in movie format, no matter how brief.  If Fire and Ice were a cookie, Iíd make it a ginger snap with plenty of sweet gooey icing.   Itís spicy and romantic with a sprig of unexpected holiday nostalgia, warm as a Yuletide fire and perfect for a Christmas romance.


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