Final Fling by Kassie Burns

eXtasy Books

Futuristic, BDSM

Reviewed by Patrice F.



As the daughter of one of Earthís top leaders, Lady Linbeth de Arborne must steel herself for a political alliance with Lord Chatonar, a renowned general of Nyasse, a religiously oppressive world.  Sheís also resigned to a cold marriage bed, so itís time to enjoy one last night of pleasure to warm her through the years to come.  Linbeth arranges an entire evening of submission and bondage at the House of Fulfillment on Pegasus Pleasure Planet, a place she has visited many times before.  Unlike Nyasse, Earth is sexually liberal. 

When Linbeth arrives, the House mistress informs her that she will be spending the night with Master Zenwan.  She doesnít know what to expect.  Master Zenwan takes her to the razorís edge of passion.  Linbeth discovers trust and her submissive side, and that there is more to the game than what she dared to dream.

Visually stimulating, Final Fling is a futuristic fantasy that will scorch your socks off!  Kassie Burns impressed me with her sizzling writing style.  Every sentence and scene was as sleek and smooth as a red Ferrari.  Linbeth is a sexually liberated woman in control of her life one final time while yielding up her body to a complete stranger.  Thatís a fascinating twist I could truly appreciate.  As for Master Zenwan, this Alpha male could do no wrong.  I assure you, he took very good care of Linbeth, and there will be lots of readers writhing in envy.  From beginning to end, itís hot-to-trot non-stop BDSM action that will raise your blood temperature. 


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