Falling for Gracie by Susan Mallery



ISBN: 978-0373774203

Reviewed by Tanya



At the age of fourteen “stalker girl” was born, at least in the mind of Riley and most of the townspeople who viewed Gracie’s antics from afar.  But, there were others who thought that Gracie just loved with all of her heart, and knew what she wanted.  Now that Gracie has gown up she wants to forget her past and move on, she is a successful businesswoman in her own right and should be known for that.  But when she comes back to town to help out with her sisters wedding that is not exactly how things go.

First off her sisters are treating her worse than hired help. Second, Riley is back in town and running for mayor.  Oh and did I mention he is hotter than he was at eighteen.  Sigh.  But, she knows “stalker girl” will never be able to live down her past.  Especially when she is caught on his property, though she is there to help her sister no one will ever believer her.  Right?  But, wait maybe Riley will and they just might be more compatible than he thought in the past.

Suddenly someone seems to be trying to derail his campaign, and more importantly ruin Gracie.  What is going on, and will “stalker girl” get her man in the end?

I am glad HQN has reprinted Falling for Gracie, as I missed this funny story the first time around.  I love how Ms. Mallery put all the thought into the background of “stalker girl” and how that might come back to haunt Gracie in a small town.  I found Falling for Gracie to be a laugh out loud funny story that will also make you tear up before the end.  I think if you missed it the first time around you need to pick up Falling for Gracie now, not next week, now.  If you loved it before you might want to revisit it for a great pick me up.


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