Falling by Natalie Dunbar
Genesis Press
African American Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1585711215
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Foolishly, Honorable Judge Damon Kessler allowed DeAndra Blake to slip through his fingers.  Although, he didnít want to admit it, Damon knew that DeAndra was in love with him; however, at the time he was still hooked on his supermodel ex-girlfriend who had married another man.  It wasnít until after DeAndra moved away that Damon realized that he cared deeply for her. 

DeAndra Blake had finally realized that Damon Kessler would never love her like a man should love a woman.  So, she moved away from Damon to solely focus on her career as a new attorney in Chicago.  Itís been two years and DeAndra never expected to see Damon again; however, fate had other ideas.

Unknowingly, Damon ended up in the same city as DeAndra because of a crazed stalker. A friend offered his home to Damon until the stalker was caught.  And, as luck would have it Damon just happened to be in place when DeAndraís life became endangered.  Old feelings that were once buried resurfaced with a vengeance.  Will this couple be able to overcome their past differences and more importantly, will the hunting danger be eliminated before it could claim one or both of the coupleís lives?

Falling was a bittersweet romantic tale with suspenseful twist thrown in the mix to make an even more intriguing plot.  Past mistakes can almost, always be a difficult task to overcome and Damon learned that the hard way.  After their devastating breakup, DeAndra wanted nothing more to do with Damon especially after she had giving him her heart and he totally mistreated her love.  However, once Damon had DeAndra back in his life he refused to give up on a second chance at regaining her love and devotion. 

The remainder of the storyline focused on two key issues Ė Damonís stalker and the danger that was chasing DeAndra because she was on the brink of discovering a secret that wanted to remain hidden.  Throughout the story, there were glimpses into the minds of the stalker and who could possibly want to kill DeAndra that kept me speculating until their identities were revealed by the author. Overall, Falling by Natalie Dunbar was a sensation, a passionate read that I thoroughly enjoyed.


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