Exposure: The Sun by Kit Zheng

Torquere Press

Contemporary Kink (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60370-163-1, 1-60370-163-X

Reviewed by Sabella



Vincent makes his living by using his talent as an unremarkable man – he is pretty much forgettable in a freakish way.  But when one man, Oscar, not only manages to notice him, but remember him, Vincent is astounded but also intrigued because what could be more satisfying than a lover that might actually remember him the next day?  But the very fact that Oscar remembers him is a security risk that Vincent can’t afford – especially in light of his current job.

But what will win the war inside Vincent – his level headed brain that tells him to get away from Oscar as far and as fast as he can or his lonely heart that craves the company of another that “sees” him and knows him?

Exposure: The Sun is an intriguing and entertaining read full of surprising twists and turns that serve to make Vincent and Oscar more interesting the further you know them.  Vincent is interesting in his loneliness and Oscar is absolutely outrageous in his attempts to pull Vincent into the “regular” world.  Get yourself Exposure: The Sun for a read that’s out of the ordinary and entertaining from start to finish!


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