Every Demon Has His Day by Cara Lockwood

Downtown Press


ISBN: 978-1416550525

Reviewed by Niki Lee




Constance Plyd was a normal, soon-to-be divorcee until the night her almost ex-husband was murdered by a demon in a black suit and baseball cap.  Suddenly, thanks to Dead Jimmy (the ex), a dog in a pink sweater and her maybe-not-so-crazy psychic mom, Constance learns she is a (minor) prophet.  She is supposed to have a vision revealing the identity of the mother of the Antichrist.  And between being the main suspect in the murder of her ex and trying to save the world, she doesn’t have time to deal with Sherriff Nathan Garrett.  Nathan took her virginity and then abandoned her, and Constance just can’t quite forgive him.  Except, she needs his help and if he doesn’t end up arresting her, they might be able to work out things between them.

This was a nearly over the top take on the Devil, Hollywood and middle management, but it didn’t quite go overboard.  The story is a lot less about Constance and Nathan, and much more about the saving the world from a shallow Devil with a penchant for dumb bimbos.  The best scenes were between the two lower level demons, Yaman (Pride) and Shadow (Gluttony).  They were reminiscent of the scenes with schizophrenic Hell from Tanya Huff’s Summon the Keeper, a favorite of mine.  Every Demon Has His Day is a quick read with lots of twist and turns to keep you interested.  I will be reading more of Ms. Lockwood’s books in the future.


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