Enchanting the Beast by Kathryne Kennedy

Love Spell

Historical Paranormal

ISBN: 978-0505527646

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Lady Philomena makes a living in London Society by holding sťances and giving closure to the living left behind.  Sir Nicodemus Wulfson is looking for someone who sees ghosts, or at least, someone who can fake it well enough.  Nicoís brother is being tormented by spirits that haunt his dreams, and Nico thinks Phil might be the answer to getting rid of them. 

Even though Nico thinks she is a fraud, he canít help but be attracted to her strength and beauty.  Since he is a werewolf, he especially appreciates her comfort around shapeshifters, which is hard to find in society. 

Phil arrives at Grimspell castle ready to help.  She can tell there is something wrong, but canít quite put her finger on what.  There are lots of mysteries to be solved, and if she can just ignore her growing attraction to Nico, she might be able solve them.

Enchanting the Beast is the third book in the Relics of Merlin series.  And based on this book, I would say this series has some of the best world building I have seen in awhile.  Linking noble titles to various types of magic is simple, but effective, and gives a lot of room for a variety of stories.

This was a really fun read.  All the best elements of a paranormal and a historical in one book.  The romance and the mystery are equally interesting, without detracting from each other.  Nico is a beast on the outside and a romantic on the inside.  Phil is funny and caring, and a perfect foil for Nico.  And the descriptions of the various shapeshifters are clever and hysterical (look out for the duck and the penguin).  Definitely a series I would keep an eye on!


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