Double the Pleasure by Lori Foster, Deidre Martin, Jacquie D’Alessndro and Penny McCall

Berkley Trade

Contemporary Anthology

ISBN: 978-0425224069

Reviewed by Tanya



“Deuces Wild” by Lori Foster

Hart Winston wants to pursue his dream of ultimate fighting but doesn’t want everyone to know it.  So he convinces his identical twin to live in his condo and pretend to be him while he is away.  Dex hates this prank that he thought they had outgrown but won’t deny his brother the chance at pursuing his dream so he agrees.  Now the issue appears to be the super cute little woman who lives across the hall.  What will happen when she finds out he isn’t Hart but Dex, and that he just might be in love with her?

“Deuces Wild” was a fun story about those hot Winston family men.  In this case the interaction between not only Dex and Hart but Christy as well.  Additionally the stage is set for Hart to be part of the SBC and another great fight story.  But I digress this is Christy and Dex’s story, which you should pick up. 


“The Luck of the Irish” by Deirdre Martin

Maggie is home helping out at the family bar while she figures out what to do next in her life.  She knows one thing,men are strictly off limits.  After her complete disaster of a two-year marriage she is glad she had at least her family to come home to.  But, sigh Brendan does seem to have one of the hottest butts in the borough, and why is he suddenly seem to be interested in her?  Will she break her new rule and go out on a date with Brendan, more importantly will they both give all into a potential relationship that could be the one they have both waited for?

In “The Luck of the Irish” Ms. Martin again proves she can write about something other than those hot hockey players.  I love how she was able to get Maggie and Brendan to determine what they really want and need out of life.  Additionally the close-knit Irish family was fun to see in action.


“Your Room or Mine” by Jacquie D’Alessandro

Maddie has been in a sexual dry spell for over six months.  When her best friend goads her into pursuing a one-night stand while away at a team building session for her job she finally agrees.  What she doesn’t count on is being suddenly attracted to the biggest pain in her butt at her latest consulting job.  But, a little time alone, and a bit of a mix-up in luggage just might change her mind.

Maddie and Jack’s story is one I personally found amusing as I travel a bit and most suitcases do look alike these days, so I could understand how the mix up could happen.  I did think Jack was a little harsh on Maddie but I did enjoy how he apologizes for it.  “Your Room or Mine” overall was a fun and fast paced read.


“Double the Danger” by Penny McCall

Abby can’t believe her luck.  After moving to the middle of nowhere to be with a grandfather she thought long dead, to practice medicine, she is basically being shunned by the community and no one will come to her clinic.  Now apparently all she is good for is to do autopsies on the dead.  But, wait this dead guy isn’t just any dead guy, this one is the one who walked out and left her years ago without even a goodbye.  Ok and he isn’t even really dead, he is here to help save her grandfather from a mob hit.  Now the hitmen are after Abby, her grandfather is missing, and Drake (the dead guy, who wasn’t) still makes Abby’s heart beat faster.  The biggest question of all is if they live through all of this what will happen to Abby and Drake?

“Double the Danger” is a fast paced story that starts out with a bang, ok it starts out with a body that is in a body bag that is apparently not dead.  Add to that the two main characters have a long ago past together, and a mafia hit and you get the makings for a fun action packed quick read.


Double the Pleasure should have been named “Quadruple the Pleasure” as that is what this anthology is.  All four of the stories have hot alpha men and women who will not take any crap from them.  I found all of them quite worthy of my reading time and continue to enjoy all the works by these four great authors.  If you are familiar with any of these authors then Double the Pleasure is for you. If they are new to you but you want a hot and fast paced contemporary romance pick up Double the Please quickly.


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