Diary of a Mad Escort by Catherine Chernow

Total E-bound

Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978-1-906590-08-6

Reviewed by Amelia



Financial advisor Grace Barry makes a pretty good living. Her financial clients, though, don’t know about her second job: as an escort for Madam Leigh’s Big Apple Escorts. In this life, Grace is known as Ginger, and things are going well until one of her clients ends up dead. And she ends up as the main suspect.

FBI Agent Alex Winters is known as the Iceman. He’s sure Grace is guilty and wants her to pay for her crime. Despite that he still desires her. He also wants her list of clients. Grace refuses to give it to him, instead selling her diary to a news network to raise money for her defense. When she does that Grace finds herself the target of a murderer and Alex finds himself in the position of having to protect her.

While on Alex’s boat, the ultimate safe house, he seduces her. But there’s more to Alex than seduction. He has secrets that could threaten to bring down their newfound relationship. And there is still a murderer on the loose.

Diary of a Mad Escort is a story about learning to love and to trust your feelings. Both Grace and Alex have to overcome their pasts to look forward to a future together, and Ms. Chernow provides them with the perfect journey. I enjoyed Grace’s character, although I did find her a bit naïve at times. Alex’s journey in the book was interesting to watch, as he came to terms with himself and his love for Grace.

Diary of a Mad Escort is an interesting read for people who enjoy tales of troubled characters who have to overcome the obstacles they face in life.


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