Devil’s Pearl by Dawn Halliday

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419912092

Reviewed by Amelia



Julia Beaufort gave her heart, and her body, to Sir Devlin Vaughn. But when it became clear he wasn’t going to give her his love she left him in a very public manner, and started on a downward path that took her to the continent. Now she’s back in London, working as a seamstress and trying to live a quiet life.

Devlin has never forgotten the woman who made him the laughingstock of London society. Now that she’s back, he intends on taking her to his home and keeping her there, as his sex slave, whether she likes it, or not.

Devil’s Pearl starts with an intriguing premise, and what carried it for me was Julia’s character. I really liked the way she was drawn, and could feel her emotions as she worked her way through life. Devlin, however, was hard for me to care about. At the first he seemed selfish, which brought about the problems the couple had.

By the end of the story he’d redeemed himself somewhat, but I would have liked to see more of him growing. Still, the hot interplay between the two kept the pages steaming, and kept me flipping the page down button on my reader. If you enjoy Regency romances this story will entice you.


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