Demon By Day by Helen E. H. Madden

Mojocastle Press

Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, GLBT

ISBN: 1-60180-061-4

Reviewed by Raine



After angering Mother Earth, the demon race of Daeva must remain in the underworld or face death topside where the sun reduces them to ashes. Orziel, a half demon, wanted nothing more than to own Asheru for a sex toy. But Orziel was banned from Asheru, young prince to the Daeva Shudra realm, and the palace. Meanwhile, Orziel wreaks havoc in the realm of Daeva Shudra.

Shebazael, the queen, is trying to ensure the demon race remains in existence.

The queen ignores the king in favor of sleeping with Asheru in hopes that he is young enough, missed by the curse, and can impregnate her ensuring future Daeva offspring.

Demon By Day has a well crafted plot with detailed characters containing death and sex in equal amounts, which is a lot, but fits the story line well. Demon By Day is a tale about the shenanigans of a half-demon and the future of the race of the Daeva. Orziel has no conscience and will seduce male or female if it means he can get his way about something. He feels nothing for anyone until he meets a special street dancer. Great story for paranormal lovers, the magic wielded in Demon By Day is imaginative.


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