Death and the Demon by Hortense Powdermaker

Liquid Silver Books

Urban Fantasy, Shape-shifter, M/M, F/M

ISBN: 978-1-59578-481-0

Reviewed by Patrice F.



On a trip to Paris, Savannah, her cousin Angela, and her pal Hugh encounter the Suckher brothers. Tall, dark and mouthwatering, Savannah is instantly attracted but feels she doesn’t stand a chance.  What she doesn’t know is that Phineas, Philippe and Phoenix are demon triplets intent on corruption.  Two of the brothers have decided on their person of choice to corrupt (if they can work up to it), until the unexpected happens and chaos erupts.  After a while, Savannah isn’t certain if she’s imagining things.  There’s a puzzle to unravel and she means to solve it.  Too bad for her and everyone involved, the craziness is just starting.

I’m always looking for a story to tickle my fancy, funny bone and brain. Guess what?  Death and the Demon meets the triple challenge.  The demon triplets are hot-to-trot and the only thing they have in common is their appearance and brotherly loyalty.  Savannah is intelligent, sensuous and assertive, the type of heroine who’s infallible without being annoying because she’s simply overbearing or flexing her super smarts.  Add in some interesting plot twists, Paris landmarks, along with a few bio perks about Phineas, Philippe and Phoenix and what you’ve got is darn good story.  There’s definitely room for a sequel, and the author does a superb job of tying up all the loose ends after she’s thrown a few curves balls.  If you’re looking for a story with Shakespearean hi-jinks, spicy sex, a clever narrative and fun characters blazing their away around the City of Love,  then you’ll get a kick out of reading this about as much as I did.


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