Dealer’s Heart by Cindi Witten


Contemporary/ Sweet

EBOOK ISBN: 978-158749-666-0

Reviewed by Tori



Cole Hannible has found himself locked in a barn during hurricane Debbie because Abby Wilder would not let him fix an oil leak in her car.  What’s worse is that he lost a good deal of money and her pick of horses off his farm to her in a poker game.  When his companion during the storm turns out to be the granddaughter of his enemy he figures all bets are off.  But will he be able to forgive himself if he loses Abby forever?

Abby agreed to go along with her grandfather’s scheme, but did not realize that she would spend so much time alone with Cole.  Twenty four hours of misadventure with Cole was all it took to lose her heart to the brooding cowboy, now if she could just get him to realize that she wanted nothing to do with tricking him.

Unfortunately I did not enjoy Dealer’s Heart as much as I thought I would.  It had a great plot concept but I found myself rereading parts because of the flow.  At times it felt like I was missing pages or just a few lines.  They wander through fields in Florida carrying a cat, and the cat never seems to mind being lugged about and never tries to run off.  There is a pretty funny bit about a “haunted” house that made me chuckle a bit.  Cole never seems to get that Abby was not out to get him, but they both manage to fall in love with each other even though they do not trust, or like each other very much.  Overall, I was disappointed, but it had promise.


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