Date Night by Kathleen Dale

Torquere Press

Lesbian Contemporary

ISBN: 1-933389-15-X

Reviewed by Sabella



Jen and Cassie have found the perfect way to keep their relationship fresh and interesting by having a standing date.  But what makes this standing date special is the ways they choose to surprise each other and rediscover their sexual chemistry through sometimes unusual, surprisingly innocent or plain tantalizing encounters and locales.  From an “anonymous” encounter at a masked ball, county fairs, stripper bars or playing mini-golf – Jen and Cassie manage to ignite the fire in each other every time… And sometimes the most innocent touch can be the most erotic.

Date Night is chock full of interesting and erotic sexual encounters and we see the relationship between Jen and Cassie stay strong as they use their standing date to stay connected or reconnect.  While the characters and every “date” is undeniably erotic and romantic there is really no plot to speak of, but rather a series of short tales that bring glimpses into the lives of Jen and Cassie’s sensual life as a couple.  Get Date Night for a day when you want an erotic, yet romantic read that you can read in short snatches of time over several sittings.


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