Dark Nights, Dark Dreams by Savannah Russe

Sisterhood of the Sight, Book 1

Signet Eclipse

Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

ISBN: 978-0451225665

Reviewed by Jo



Sam Chase has always known she was different from most other people, just because she sometimes knows things just before they happen.  She has tried to appear as normal as possible, but there are times it hard to cover her actions and responses.  Sam is a U.S. foreign agent assigned to Baghdad, but she has heard that she just might be up for a much better post.  Sam’s disillusioned when she gets her orders and then is forced to accept being recruited by another agency all because of her psychic powers.

Lance “Bear” Rutledge is a civilian investigator who works for a general at the Department of Defense.  Bear believes only what he can see, touch or logically explain in his investigations.  Now his next assignment is to team up with agents from the CIA and he has already been warned it might not be an easy assignment.  Imagine his surprised when the agency guys are women and there is one that catches his attention.

Bear and Sam meet in less than sterling circumstances.  To their surprise, sparks begin at hello.  But how does someone who instinctively follows her feelings or knowledge show a man she is beginning to care for that sometimes you can’t always be logical or scientific when solving a case.  As the danger surrounds both Sam and Bear, he must believe in what Sam says and feels, or they may not have a chance to see what those sparks may bring.

Dark Nights, Dark Dreams is the first book involving a new special psychic group of agents within the CIA.  Sam has never wanted to work for the CIA but sometimes in life there is not a true choice.  Bear has worked for the general for some time now and has never doubted his assignments or their source.  Sam and Bear have instant attraction and lust but trust and belief take a bit longer.  I had a hard time getting into the characters and book to begin with, but once there I found the suspense chilling.  Sam and Bear may or may not end up together at the end of the series, but they are still hoping as this villain is taken care of.  There were some aspect of Dark Nights, and Dark Dreams that I was challenged to believe but there were other parts that I fell into without any problem.  A lover of the unusual and suspense will enjoy Dark Nights, and Dark Dreams.  I was engaged enough that I will be watching for the next book in this series.


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