Daring Time by Beth Kery

Berkley Sensation


ISBN: (13) 978-0425227961; (10) 0425227960

Reviewed by Sabella



Chicago Detective Ryan Daire is having a weird day – first an old friend suddenly gifts him with an incredible historical mansion, then once he is there to take a look at the property he starts to “see” a mysterious woman that pushes all his buttons.  But instead of being spooked, like his partner, Ryan is intrigued by this amazing specter that he is sure is real…but once he is proven right and he makes a connection with this beautiful woman, how will he reach her and save her from the fate she is destined by history to meet?

Hope Stillwater is a woman out of time living in 1906, where her headstrong ideas, morals and desire to help others are stifled by society’s strictures and a ruthless adversary.  However, when she starts to see an alluring man in strange places she can’t help but wonder what their connection is – that is, until Ryan lets her know how explosive the passion can be between them.

But when Hope gets kidnapped by Chicago’s reigning king-pin the stakes are high and Ryan must risk all to travel back to 1906 and rescue Hope, but will he be able to do it and keep her in the bargain?

Daring Time is a terrific time-travel novel that takes unexpected turns, many of then so steamy as to leave you in a fiery heat for hours, to reach a very satisfying HEA.  Beth Kery has written a spellbinding time-travel novel that takes will take all of the traditional reader’s expectations and turn them on their heads with her unique characters, surprising plot twists and mirroring circumstances between timelines that add spice to the story – never mind the scorchingly hot, bone-melting and knock your socks off sensual encounters between Ryan and Hope.  Ryan is as much an Alpha male as you could wish for in and out of the bedroom, but he is a man tempered by his love of knowledge and romantic heart.  Hope is a strong woman, very much out of time, as her steely core, never lets anyone, much less herself, forget that she is too smart to be bullied by patronizing males or pushed by such males into doing unintelligent things to prove her “independence”.  When Ryan and Hope come together they will set the pages on fire and leave you envying Hope her luck in finding Ryan!  One of the most appealing things about Daring Time is the strong elements of social consciousness and love woven into the plot tempered by characters possessed of great common sense and valor.  Get yourself Daring Time for a truly entrancing read that will keep you turning the pages well into the night!


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