Cleopatra’s Dagger by MacKenzie Reed and Rae Monet

Two author anthology

Liquid Silver

Paranormal; Sci-Fi

ISBN: 978-1-59578-409-4

Reviewed by Amelia



“Christmas Story” by MacKenzie Reed

Treasure hunter Caryn Sinclair loves Christmas. So when she’s offered a job during the holiday season she’s ready to turn it down. However, when she finds out her ex-lover Rex St. James is involved, she takes the job.

Their mission is to find Cleopatra’s Dagger, which is said to have the power to forecast the future. The journey takes them into each other’s arms, and to Egypt. But will they survive the trip, and learn to love each other?

“Christmas Story” has an interesting premise. I love the back-story of the dagger given to Cleopatra by Marc Anthony. Caryn is an interesting character who has learned to support herself. I’m not sure how I feel about Rex, who left Caryn and then came back with what I felt like was a poor excuse.

All in all, though, “Christmas Story” is an interesting read, featuring a strong heroine with a very interesting profession.


“Cleopatra’s Legacy” by Rae Monet

Jordan Fare is a Robin Hood type of thief. She takes the proceeds from her thefts and uses the money to buy, and then free, slaves. Now she’s after a priceless artifact that will help her do a lot of good: Cleopatra’s Dagger.

Intergalactic Police Officer Rick Masters is after Jordan in more than one way, as a police officer and as a man. Can he convince her to trust him, so she can continue with her mission?

“Cleopatra’s Legacy” is hot tale that features two very interesting characters. They came together quickly, igniting a fire that burns through the entire story.


Cleopatra’s Dagger features two stories that center around a mythical item, and the Christmas holiday season. I enjoyed both tales, even though they would have benefited from a little more character development. This anthology will warm your heart, whatever the season.


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