Christmas Cookies: Christmas, Werewolf Style by Kyla Logan

Christmas Cookies Series

Changeling Press

Paranormal, Ménage

ISBN: 978-1-59596-774-9

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Kerry is the nurse on call the night when her pack is scheduled to meet with the Alpha and Enforcer of the Melrose pack to sign a treaty.  When she finally arrives to join in the festivities and to meet the important guests, Kerry is bombarded by Nathan and Aidan’s scents.  She has been searching for her mate for some time and is bowled over by the fact she has two!

Nathan and Aidan couldn’t be happier to find their mate.  They struggle to keep their inner wolves in check and impatiently await her arrival.  When Kerry steps through the door, it’s just the beginning…

Although the holidays are over, all it takes is for a warm story like this one to make you smile and recall them.  The people and love in our lives are the true gifts.  Such was the case with Nathan, Aidan and Kerry.  I particularly liked the build up and anticipation. When Kerry and Nathan and Aidan come face-to-face, there’s a tender, glowing dreamlike quality that melts your heart.  Nathan and Aidan are caring, dominate men that are attentive to Kerry’s body and feelings.

This sweet story kick starts the romantic spark inside.  The intense fiery sex scenes are wickedly erotic, working well with the sensual nuances and emotion.  Christmas, Werewolf Style is a joyous sexy tale for all seasons.


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