Cheyenne Moon by Diana Bold

Cobblestone Press


ISBN: 978-1-60088-377-4

Reviewed by Tanya



Justin Savage has led a hard life.  He was deserted by his mother shortly after birth, as he is half “savage”.  Then his father dies before his teenage years. Without his mother or father, he is treated by the tribe as someone not worthy to live in either world. This has led to him building a fortune on his own, picking a close friend to be more of family, and the revenge plot that he has planned for years.  He plans to expose his mother as the woman who birthed “a savage” and came back to society.  Part of his plan to do this includes marrying a “silly” young girl named Felicity.

Laurel is stunned that Justin, whom she has loved for years, would consider marrying Felicity when she is the one who has loved him.  When she learns of the entire plan for getting revenge she knows that will not solve Justin’s issues and sets out to keep him from harming himself of his mother further.  She just hasn’t thought through all of her plans, which could cost her the man she loves.

One thing that is still bugging me about Cheyenne Moon is that the main character of the book is half Cherokee, and if I remember my Native American history at all, these two tribes did not “play well together”.  I am stumped why the author would choose this title.  I found Cheyenne Moon to be an interesting look at the “society” of New Orleans as well as the Colorado Territory.  I found many facts to be intriguing and the love Laurel has for Justin to be refreshing.  But, that being said this is nowhere near the top of my list for Diana Bold favorites, this story felt rushed and the ending wrapped up a little too fast for my tastes.  Cheyenne Moon does point out that sometimes people let their prejudices take over where they should listen to their own brain and heart.


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