Captive by Leda Swann

Avon Red

Erotic Historical

ISBN: 9870061672394

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Louisa Clemens knows her place in her employer’s household.  She is to be seen and not heard and only speaks when spoken to.  She is never to be invited to supper and is never to assume that she is an equal to any guest.  When she takes her charges in to curtsey for their mother’s guests, Louisa’s eyes meet those of Khair Bey.  She is instantly aware of his perusal of her person and while she knows she should not be interested, she is.  However, she is not so naïve to think that a man like Khair would want her for more than one night. 

Leda Swann’s Captive takes the reader on a tantalizing journey through the eyes of Louisa Clemens.  As a hired governess, she understands the ways of society and how her position works.  When Khair Bey’s attention falls upon her, she knows without a doubt that this is a man used to getting what he wants.  She falls for the handsome foreign businessman knowing that nothing will ever come from their being together.  And that is Louisa’s mistake – she has no idea the impression and feelings that she invokes in Khair Bey.  Louisa is unable to stay in her present employment and sets out to return to England.  When her ship is over run by pirates, Louisa is taken Captive and sold to the highest bidder – none other than Khair Bey. 

Captive is Louisa and Khair Bey’s journey from slave and master to lovers.  Boldly erotic love scenes and blazing hot passions combined with the exotic setting of Morocco makes Captive one hot historical.  Don’t miss it.



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