Bound By Magic by Amanda Cummings

Bound, Book 1

Red Rose Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60435-103-3

Reviewed by Jo



Amber Moyer has been having extremely erotic dreams.  Her lover is unknown but she does know that he is everything Amber has dreamed of.    Last night, after the best dream ever, she learned his name, Tavis, and that she would be meeting him soon.  But was it just another hot dream?   Tavis is a Chosen from Aldar, a realm magically connected to Earth.  Ever since he reached the proper age, Tavis has been searching for his soul mate on Earth.  Finally he has found her and using their shared dreams he shows Amber what is to come.

Samhain is coming closer and time is running out for Amber and Tavis to bind their souls.  The changes and knowledge of being a Chosen would be more than overwhelming for Amber but she has also learned a closely held secret about her parents.  One that will place Amber and Tavis in danger just when they should be learning about each other and what their life together will be.  Will their joined magic be enough to defeat the evil that wants nothing more than to use their magic to destroy Earth and Aldar.

Can two people newly bound find the way to overcome an old and evil magic?  Bound By Magic begins with erotic dreams and quickly becomes just erotic.  Amber has no idea that she is a Chosen or what it means to her life.  Tavis has always known that when the time was right, he would locate his soul mate and between them they will keep the balance on Earth and Aldar.  Being soul mates brought instant passion to Travis and Amber, and as I read on, I was able to see them grow and find the love to truly bind them together.  They have a very special job to do with love, sex and magic—an erotic mixture to be sure.  Bound By Magic is a sweetly erotic story with just enough danger that kept it interesting for me.   


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