Bound by Fate by Amanda Cummings

Bound, Book 2

Red Rose Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60435-169-9

Reviewed by Jo



Lucan leads the warriors that are set to battle the Conjurer who has targeted his brother Tavis and his soul mate Amber.  The battle is coming and Lucan has picked his team very carefully, and just as carefully has excluded his lover, Kira.  Kira is shocked and hurt when she realizes that Lucan has not included her in the group of warriors headed to Earth for the upcoming battle.  Is she good enough to sleep with but not good enough to be at his side during the dangerous battle? 

Lucan and Kira have not been paying attention to the intense attraction between them, so Fate is forcing their hands.  The day before the battle, Lucan and Kira discover just what their relationship means, not only to them but to Aldar itself.  Knowing this, Lucan still has to admit that having Kira at the battle is important.  When the battle is over, will their relationship be able to advance to the next level or will this battle be their last?

Two stubborn warriors who canít keep their hands off of each other learn just how special their relationship is in Bound by Fate.  Kira has been involved with Lucan for years but it just doesnít seem to be going anywhere.  Lucan knows that there is something unusual in the feelings he and Kira have for each other, but he refuses to admit it to himself.  A decision that hurts Kira to the bone is the first thing that causes Lucan and Kira to really look at what they have between them.  Passion, magic and fate, with a touch of danger, bring Lucan and Kira together and almost breaks them apart again.  Only with the help of Tavis and Amber will Lucan and Kira realize just what fate has in store for them.  Bound by Fate continues the exploration of the relationship between Earth and Aldar and the special love of its inhabitants.


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