Border Moonlight by Amanda Scott

Grand Central

Border Series, Book 3


ISBN: 9780446541350

Reviewed by Niki Lee




This third book of the Border series focuses on Simon Murray, a gruff man who is now the head of his clan.  Years before, he was left at the altar by Lady Sibylla Cavers, and he swore to never forgive her.  When he helps her rescue a couple of drowning children, both of them realize that things have changed since that ill-fated day.

I was looking forward to Border Moonlight and it didnít disappoint.  We finally get to see Simon for the man he is, not just the scary older brother of Meg and Amy (whom we met in the previous two novels).  And Lady Sibylla is an interesting character herself.  Watching the two clash as they struggle to hide their growing affection for each other was fun and you canít help but root for them both.  I hope there will be a fourth novel soon.


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