Blind Fortune by Joanna Waugh

Cerridwen Press


ISBN:  9781419917639

Reviewed by Cassie



Blind since birth, Lady Fortuna Morley never expects to marry.  She plans to live with her beloved cousin, Leticia, and live a life of independence.  Things change when Lord Granville appears to court her youngest cousin, Juliana, and brings his friend, Reverend Richard Hammond.  Suddenly Letty seems to be changing her views on marriage, and Lord Granville seems determined to enrage Fortuna at every turn.  Unwilling to let the man get the upper hand, she sets herself against his marriage to Juliana.  Unfortunately, events, and her emotions, soon spin out of control.


Charles Lowden, Marquess of Granville, plans to marry Juliana for convenience’s sake only.  He’s annoyed when Lady Fortuna Morley takes an instant dislike to him, and insults her without knowing she is blind.  He decides to apologize, but even that doesn’t go well.  Charles is attracted to Fortuna against his will, but still believes marrying Juliana would be best.  Can he charm Fortuna into approving the match?


Blind Fortune combines several of my favorite things into one book: a tough heroine with a challenge (blindness), an emotionally damaged hero, and secondary characters with their own agendas.  I was caught up in the story from the very beginning.  I enjoyed Joanna Waugh’s writing, and the storyline kept me interested throughout.  This isn’t to say I didn’t get frustrated with it, because I did.  Charles came off as an insufferable jerk at first.  Sometimes Fortuna’s stubbornness bordered on annoying as well.  The love/hate relationship was a bit too skewed toward the hate side at first.  That said, Blind Fortune had secondary characters I could root for (Leticia and Richard), some excellent sensual scenes, and several major conflicts I really wanted to see Fortuna and Charles overcome.  Fans of love/hate relationships, flawed characters, and historical novels will be sure to enjoy Blind Fortune, just as I did.


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