Beautiful Assassin by Emma Wildes

Brothers of the Absinthe Club, Book 5

Siren Publishing

Erotic Historical

ISBN: 1-933563-09-5

Reviewed by Cassie



Jonas Maxim, Viscount Wilding, is shocked when someone sneaks into his home at night and tries to attack him with a knife.  Heís even more shocked to discover his would-be attacker is a woman.  When he finds out why she is upset with him, he is determined to clear his name and set things right.


Vicarís daughter Marianne Glass is furious with Viscount Wilding for seducing her sister and leaving her pregnant.  She wants to make him take responsibility for what he has done, so she plans to threaten him into cooperating.  The viscount foils her plan, claims to be innocent, and offers to help her find the man who is masquerading as him.  Can Marianne trust the viscount?  Will they find her sister in time?


Beautiful Assassin is a fun, hot historical.  I enjoyed watching honorable, aloof Jonas and passionate, headstrong Marianne spar on their journey to help her sister and unmask the imposter.  The mystery angle isnít very mysterious, but it is interesting.  The secondary characters are interesting as well, making me want to pick up their books to read their stories.  Beautiful Assassin isnít terribly realistic or deep, but if youíre in the mood for a hot story with a lot of action, itís a good choice.


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