Bearís Den by Michelle Hasker

The Agency, Book 4

Changeling Press


ISBN:  978-1-59596-741-1

Reviewed by Jambrea



Richard is fed up with all the mistakes his agents have made and decides heíll have to go in himself.  The only problem?  His ex is still undercover.  They must work together to stop the drug cartel.

Sydney wants Richard back.   Will she be able to convince him she is the one for him?  That she is ready for whatever the future holds?

Bearís Den is book four in The Agency series and it is still just as strong as the first story.  I love the idea of an agency of shifters.  Iím hoping this isnít the end of this series.  This story is great because I was hoping to find out more about Richard and Michelle Hasker gave me what I wanted.  Richard and Sydney are great together and I even enjoyed watching them fight.

If this has to be the end, then Ms. Hasker did an excellent job completing her series, but Iím hoping she has something up her sleeve for Erik.



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