A Wife for Big John by Lauri Robinson

The Wild Rose Press

USA Historical

ISBN 1-60154-178-3

Reviewed by Tanya



Dani has been a strong woman since her teens.  She may have a fiancé but she will not let that stop her from raising her sisters and figuring out how to make money for herself.  Now she is in the last stages of getting money together to go meet up with her fiancé and is keeping house for a lumberman and his staff.  The only thing is that while she is cooking for the local lumber operation, the boss doesn’t know he has hired a woman. He assumed Dani was a man.  Boy is he surprised when he first meets the little wildfire.  He is instantly drawn to her.

Dani doesn’t know what to do.  She has fallen in love with a man who is not her fiancé.  Well truth be told she fell in love with his stove first, but she had not met the man yet.  When she does and determines she is in love with him, but won’t forsake her fiancé, she sets out to find him a wife.  What will happen when she accidentally asks that local madam to dinner?  More importantly can Dani let another have the man she has grown to love?  But what about her fiancé, Jamie?

I loved this late 1800’s story set in the wilds of Minnesota.  I found Dani to be a loveable character with a big heart, almost as big as the one Big John has.  I have recently found Ms. Robinson as an author and A Wife for Big John continues to cement why she is becoming one I can count on for a wonderful story.


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