At Any Cost by Allie K. Adams

The NASSD Counter-Terrorist Agency 1

Siren Publishing

Contemporary Action

ISBN: 1-60601-063-8

Reviewed by Tanya



JT Turner (don’t call her Jessica) is determined to fulfill her dreams to become a full NASSD agent, like her uncle.  The problem is that while she was pulled out of training early and sent on missions/tasks she seems to botch them all up with one clumsy act or another.  She now knows that if she doesn’t complete this secret mission to retrieve LEON than she will have to let her dreams go.  Now it seems that the secret mission that she thought would save her career might cost her not only her career but her life.  Is it really HQ she is working for or has someone duped her?  When she is saved by her idol “super agent” Dan Weber she finds herself attracted to him in ways others have not made her feel.  But whose side is he on?

Dan can’t believe this beauty is on the wrong side of the law.  But he will do just about anything to retrieve LEON, as it was supposed to have been destroyed in the move that had cost him his career, or at least he thought.  Now NASSD wasn’t him back to bring the disk in and stop JT at any cost.  But will he find that cost too high?  More importantly will he and JT connect and work together to solve this “who done it” and come out the other side as a couple or apart?

At Any Cost is an action packed ‘who done it’ with a strong romantic attraction between two very headstrong characters.  I was pulled in from the beginning of the story and it kept me engaged with witty dialog as well as an interesting spy/terrorism plotline.  I also loved how JT keeps getting into situations due to her seemingly physical clumsiness.  I also found the multiple layers of subterfuge with agents, and double agents to be intriguing.  Throw in the super spicy love scenes between JT and Dan and you have another winner from Ms. Adams.


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